Inground Vinyl Liner Specialist
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  • Leak Detection Swimming Pool Leak Detection services can save from having to replace an old vinyl liner.
  • Pool Renovation It's time to renovate your old swimming pool with Deck and Coping Replacement.

Openings and Closings

Although some people may choose to open their own swimming pool, we highly recommend having your pool closed by a professional. When we close your pool we guarantee your pool will be protected through the winter.

It is imperative that your swimming pool is properly winterized for our long cold Michigan winters. All of the water needs to be blown out of the lines and the lines need to be filled with antifreeze. A regular shop vac or compressor does not have the power to properly clear the lines and methanoyl, an inexpensive windshield wiper solvent, is not the proper antifreeze to use. We use a non-toxic swimming pool antifreeze and high volume blower designed for underground swimming pool lines.

Improperly closing your swimming pool for the winter could lead to expensive pool problems and repairs. Call us for an opening or closing!